Those things you can’t “unhear” – Good or bad?


This photo is totally irrelevant to the text but just go with it for a second.

These are my new jandals/flip-flops/thongs (wherever you’re from), and this photo is taken on my new Samsung Galaxy S3 with nothing other than the famous INSTAGRAM!!!!
And yes, I know I am totally behind in terms of social media status, but I’m getting there. I’ve pretty much avoided technology (besides the basics) for most of my life.
This new phone though is pretty awesome ^_^

So anyway, earlier this evening I went with my mate Will to the studio for PulzarFM radio station here in Christchurch to see what he does at work, have a few beersies, and catch some sweet tunes.

All was well until I left.

(Ok, well, all is still totally well, but I heard some things I know I will never be able to ‘un-hear’ and I’m undecided on whether this is a good or a bad thing)

We’ve been good mates for years, and about 1-2 years ago there was a moment where we kind of went on a date and kissed but for some reason nothing became of it and we stayed really great friends.

So when I left the studio, the others were outside drinking/talking etc and as I got in the car I heard my name, thus stalling on the sidewalk to catch their conversation (probably a little rude but if they’re talking about me behind my back why the fuck not right?)
Only hearing bits and pieces over the insanely loud electro-trash pouring through the neighbourhood, I realise they’re talking about this one particular time we “hooked up” and he was “totally shot down” (which is not exactly true btw!)
After listening in to their muffled conversation and a few things that have got me thinking pretty hard about my life, attitude, personality, relationships, friends, future etc, I’m kind of thinking it would have been nice NOT to hear that conversation, simply because it makes things slightly more complicated for me, and well I guess both of us.

Then again, if I didn’t hear those things, I wouldn’t be thinking about it, and life would probably continue as normal (both good and bad I suppose)…

One thing I absolutely hate is self-doubt, and questioning myself about even the smallest things, which I believe I (and I assume many others) do far too often.

I’ve also been seeing one of his good mates recently too, which also complicates things and makes me seriously question what the fuck I’m doing, especially since I’m leaving the country in 8 weeks, for an undefined length of time….

Lets go with: I’m just having fun and any judgements can suffocate under my boot soles



My best friend just got engaged….


My best friend just got engaged....

She said it’s the first time she’s ever seen me truly speechless!

I love her so fucking much, this is amazing!

She said the wedding will be December 2015 so I have time in Europe and the States before being needed back here as her maid of honour!!!!!




This weekend has been absolutely amazing!

On Friday I bought a one way ticket to London:


And then saw the new Hobbit movie with my good friend from Auckland, which was incredible!!!!

In terms of the title, most of my weekend’s expectations were met to a very high degree haha but there were definitely some “unexpected occurrences” that were so many things; awesome, unfortunate, possibly life changing?

Life changing is a big deal right?

So the back-story:
I met this guy a few years ago and we dated a little bit but nothing ever came of it and we ended up staying friends, and he ended up dating another mutual acquaintance. I’ve only seen him a handful of times in the last two years, but we both ended up at the same party last night.

When I arrived at the party, he came over and we started chatting and I didn’t really see/hang out with anyone else that night.

The problem?
I’m leaving the country in roughly 10 weeks and it sucks major devil balls because I don’t want to not see him, but I also don’t want to hang out and then make leaving harder than it’s already going to be (a good mate of mine had an interesting and very emotional moment when I told him haha), leaving all my friends and family etc.

So now somehow one of my other mates has found out what happened and she’s gone way overboard with the harassment for details etc and already talking about double dates and I just want to (comically) slap her out of it haha

So that was my weekend. I’ve spent a little over $2k in 3 days on flights, luggage, Christmas presents, food, booze, taxis etc and it’s been epic.

Now comes 8 weeks of intense working and hard-out savings so I don’t end up homeless in the UK


Fortune Favours The Brave (or: The beginning of the Great Escape)


This is part one of what I’m calling my “Great Escape”. Or perhaps ‘adventure’ is a more accurate term? I don’t believe I’m running from anything, but rather running to everything else, head first into the abyss of the unknown so to speak.

Part one marks the day I received my re-newed New Zealand passport in the mail. It’s all fancy and shiny black with the silver fern on both covers. Aside from my drowsy-eyed, wonky expression in the photo, finally getting my passport done is indeed very exciting.

passport!Ideas for where I’m going next year (March) are still very much open and I have absolutely nothing confirmed (besides the date). But in order to keep my mother happy, I have to wait until after Christmas to book anything, for she (as mothers do) always, always fear the worst when their youngest not only leaves home, but leaves the country.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to give myself two months to plan (deciding all the where, when, hows, why’s etc, though I tend to not put too much thought into the ‘why’s these days – thinking too much leads to self-doubt in my opinion!) until the end of January, at which time I will be booking flights, accommodation etc, sorting and packing my stuff into take/leave piles, or rather keep/sell piles, and preparing for the biggest adventure of my life.

I already know where part two is taking me: the arrival of my British passport, because travel will be oh so much easier with one those!

In the words of Pierre Corneille: “If there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph.”


“My One and Only” (yay weddings!)


Wow, ok, so a lot has happened in the last 3 days!
My friend just got married! This is mental! I feel way too young to have married friends already but it was amazing, the ceremony and reception today were perfect and the cake, made by maid of honour Sophie (see her blog was amazing!
More importantly though, the bachelorette party was epic! The challenges she had to complete were hilarious, involving (and successfully completing) getting a guys underwear (who incidentally got kicked out of the bar for taking his jean and underwear off in public!), signing her name on someone’s butt cheek/book, getting ‘fake’ arrested, doing a body shot, serving someone a drink at a bar, etc etc and she did so well!.
Unfortunately, or rather, strangely, all this wedding business has turned one of my most anti-committal friends ever into the soppiest, marriage-/baby-loving people ever and that’s all we’ve heard from her all weekend (not to mention the shock from her girlfriend haha).

Unfortunately this has made me both more excited about when my day comes, and more susceptible to that ridiculous lonely feeling! The good thing here is that I’m leaving the country in less than 3 months and will meet so many new and amazing people!